Refresh Limit_Start and Limit_End on demand ...


I want to achieve the following within the Pro-Version auf dhtmlx Scheduler (v.4.3.35 Pro)

I use the limits-options to rule the left and right borders (scheduler.config.limit_start / scheduler.config.limit_end).
The user has the possibility to change the days before and after now while the scheduler is opened with input boxes.

But I cannot achieve the refesh of the scheduler borders.
I tried scheduler.clearAll(); scheduler.updateView() and scheduler.setCurrentView(null,“timeline”).

Is there any chance to achieve the repainting of the whole scheduler without erasing the whole scheduler and init it from scratch ?

kind regards


To update limits, you just need to set new values to configurations.
Please, check the example code here:

Thx … it works, but in my code not.

I try to figure out the difference an rebuilt the app.