Refresh method?


I’m trying to use the spreadsheet v3.1.2 in a div thats adjustable. how do I tell my spreadsheet object to simply refresh/resize again? I don’t want to reload everything, but just refresh 100% height and width again. When someone adjusts their pane theres empty space around the spreadsheet now because its not auto resizing.

This is my spreadsheet object for my web page:
var gridList = new dhx.Spreadsheet("datalist", { editLine: false, menu: false });


I see what I’m trying to do in Chrome works fine, but not firefox. theres a problem, the initial width of the spreadsheet is only the same size as the pane, in chrome its completely wide.


Thank you for your post. The problem with the spreadsheet resizing in FireFox is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in the next dhx.spreadsheet update.