Refresh/Reload Tab Contents(Form/Grid) on Click/Select

Hi Dhtmlx Team,

I want to refresh or update the tabbar contents onTabClick/onSelect…

               I have n number of tabs opened at a time in my project.. Say Country tabs..State tab, City Tabs Location tab.. etc.. in each tab i used 2 cell layout
                1st cell for adding new item and 2nd Cell for listing the same as grid.

Now the problem is if I have all the tabs opened and added new country… then if I tried to add State from the next tab already opened … the newly added
country will not appear in the Combo of State tab to select . Here i need to close the tab and open again for adding state for that country…this happens for all Combo’s and Grids already loaded…

                So I want to Update or Reload the tabs when I click/Select . What Can I do ?

Thanks in advance

The best way in your case is using dataStore and update components gradually, in process of data addition - you will not need to refresh cells every time