Refresh Tabbar content In IE


I use some code for updating/refreshing tabbar content.
It work nice in firefox, but on IE (8&9) it work only if I change IE parameters like this :

If i don’t do it, the page stay static.

The problem is that I can’t asks to every visitors to set IE like this, and it is not compatible with other web applications.

I use this html method to init tabbar :

<div align="right" style="width:595px; height:14px"><input type="button" value="Refresh" class="inpBack" onClick="LoadDiv('force')"/></div> <div id="a_tabbar" style="width:595px; height:300px;" class="dhtmlxTabBar" imgpath="/tools/dhtmlxTabbar/codebase/imgs/" oninit="setactivtab();LoadDiv('')" onClick="LoadDiv('')"> <div id="a0" name="About user" width="120px">Some html code (static)</div> <div id="a1" name="Communications ([COUNT])" style="width:120px"></div> <div id="a2" name="Attachment ([COUNT])" style="width:120px"></div> <div id="a3" name="Tasks ([COUNT])" style="width:120px"></div> </div>

This is my httprequest fonction :

function refreshDiv(Div,Url,Count){ s=Url; loader = dhtmlxAjax.getSync(s); s=loader.xmlDoc.responseText; document.getElementById(Div).innerHTML=s; p=Count; loader = dhtmlxAjax.getSync(p); p=loader.xmlDoc.responseText; eval(p); };

And this is my refresh tabbar function for 1 exemple of refreshing :

function LoadDiv(vval){

   if ((a_tabbar.getActiveTab()=="a3") && ((document.getElementById("a2").innerHTML=="") || (vval=='force'))){
   refreshDiv("a3"," PATH"," PATH"+'a_tabbar.setLabel("a3", "Tasks ([$COUNT])",120);');   

I tryed to use this meta to solved but it don’t work :

<meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-cache" />

Please, can you help me?

Thanks for your help.


try to add a random parameter to url. This approach will solve the issue with caching. For example:

url = url+"?param="+(new Date()).valueOf()


It seems to work !

Thank you very much, thanks for your efficiency!!! :smiley: