refresh the tabs


i made a layout with “3L”, there is a list in the cell"a", in the cell “b” i wanted to show some information with tabs. when i click a node in the list, its information would be displayed in the tabs. i used “iframe” mode.

i wrote the following code, and it worked.

the tabbar had 3 subtabs and their ids were “overall”.“current” and “down”.

function showSVGTree()


     if(document.getElementsByName(“selectedProcess”)[0].selectedIndex != 0)






but when i click the other nodes in the cell “a”, the tab “overall” in the cell"b" did not change. i had to click the other subs and then clicked “overall”, the information could be right shown.

have you any idea, how this tabs can be automatically refeshed?

thank you very much!

Because content for active tab already loaded, tabbar will ignore setContentHref mode calls.
To workaround it, just update setContentHref call with next one


this command will load provided url, without relation to current state of tab.

thank you very much :slight_smile:

it works