Refresh the tree after adding the item

I am using professional DHTMX version, and using the same method parent.tree.smartRefreshItem(parId); which you suggested but still not getting right output. Sometime its showing the error Same id's are in the XML tree's after adding the node and disturbing the sequence of the tree.

I am very much sure about the node id�s , these are unique for each node.  Please help me for the same.

In case of smartRefreshItem components uses next logic
- for each item record in XLM
- if item with same id exists - its properties updated
- if item with same id not exists - new item created
- all items not updated|created during XML processing will be erased

The smartRefreshItem purposed to update a signle branch|level in tree.
If you need to update multiple levels at once - you need to use smartRefreshBranch command

If issue still occurs for you - please provide the samples of initial and update XML or demo link to the page where issue can be reconstructed ( you can send such info directly to )
If you are using distributedParsing and smartXMLParsing modes - please try to disable them.