refreshing grid and loss of grid rows


I have a dhtmlxGrid which is loaded with dynamically generated XML. The grid is updated on a timer using updateFromXML(path) where [path] is the URL to an ASP page that generates the XML content that is properly formed with uniquely identified rows. I also ensure the URL contains: ?uid="+(new Date()).valueOf() in order to resolve any caching issues.

I’m finding that updateFromXML() works beautifully when the new XML contains new rows, or the content of pre-existing rows has changed.

The problem I am finding is for cases when the new XML content no longer contains one or more rows that existed in the previously loaded XML content. In these cases, when updateFromXML() is called, updated and new content is added as expected, but the rows that “do not exist” in the new XML, get left behind in the grid.

I prefer not to do a “clear all” and refresh merely due to the flicker it introduces into the user interface, though that is a workaround.

Is there a a flicker-free workaround to this feature?

Thank you for your time

Try to set 3rd parameter of updateFromXML() method to true:

mygrid.updateFromXML(url,true,true); … atefromxml