Refreshing grid


I am new to dhtmlx and have created a grid component.

I need to refresh the grid every second or so. The only mechanism I have found so far is to use the updateFromXML method and provide an xml file.

I have tried just using the parse method and providing the new xml string and the grid is not being refreshed with the new data.

Am I missing something simple here. I would rather refresh from an xml string rather than from an xml file.


See here: … earandload

Thanks for the information.

Unfortunately I have seen this part of the API. My problem is that it expects a path to an xml file.

I do not want to provide an xml file, just a string of xml which can be used by parse.

I have a work around now, however not sure how scalable it is.

I am calling clearAll() and then calling parse(xml).

This appears to refresh the grid with the new data.

Can anybody give any information as to whether this is a scalable solution, or if not, a possible solution.

It appears to do the same as clearAndLoad by definition however not sure if that is exactly what it is doing.


Your solution is well.
You may use without any doubts.