Refreshing Tree from a Layout

I have a layout with dhtmlxTree in cell “a” and an attachURL in cell “b”. The tree has an issue count in the nodes populated when loaded from xml. On the cell “b” page, I have a form that inserts new issues into my database and I would like to refresh the the tree node dynamically so it can reflect the new issue count, however, I’m having trouble calling dhtmlxTree objects from the attachedURL.

I’ve tried using parent.tree.refreshItem(tree.getSelectedItemId()) but get the error that tree is undefined.

Any suggestions on how to call the tree?

I’ve tried attaching the files that have the code, but I keep getting a file extension x is not allowed. I’ve tried .txt, .asp, .html, either let me know where to send the files or let me know what are the acceptable file types. Thanks.

When you attach Tree to Layout cell, you can create global tree object:

[code]var mytree;

function createTree(){

Now you can use “mytree” variable to refresh tree