Reg: enableHeaderMenu() + Grouped rows issue

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Enable header menu in the DHTMLX grid.
  2. Group the data based on any column from the database table.
  3. Hide the first column by unchecking it’s name from the menu.
  4. After hiding the first column, grouped data HEADERS will also go away as they become part of the first column.

Note: Grouping headers stay as it is when other columns are hidden.

Unfortunately this limitation cannot be fixed.
It is not available to hide the column the grid is grouped by

Sure. Thanks a lot for your reply.

Is there a way to disable header menu after it has been enabled? I was thinking to use something like the following when user groups the data:

Unfortunately it’s also not available to disable the enabled header menu.

Sure. Thanks.

On IE when we uncheck all the columns we cannot get the menu back. The same works on chrome.

Is there a setting which needs to be checked?

Unfortunately there is no any additional setting.
Header menu is attached to the grid header area. If you remove all the columns from the header it is not available to recall the header menu. The behavior is similar for all the browsers.

Thanks for your reply.

But, I could see this working on chrome as my browser. If you click in the left corner you can get the menu back even when all columns have been unchecked.

IE is the one where it’s not working.

Please Advise.