Regarding Dhtmlx Grid Postback Issue

Hello sir, we are developing an application using Mvc. the problem is having with grid for slowness while post back the data to server. it is causing while grid has large collection of data example(1000 records in grid).so we need some solution for fast performance of grid for daily basic operation.

Please verify do you mean scheduler or dhtmlxgrid?
Also, which way you are using for loading and saving data ( default solution for both grid and scheduler do not use postbacks, so they must not be affected by performance issues )

Hello sir we are using Dhtmlx Gird in our application using MVC. For Loading data in grid we are using load Xml Method data is loading perfectly. while post data on server we use mvc model binding method but it take more time to come on controller after postback of any form in our application when there is large amount of data in grid.

please provide some kind of demo, so we could test the issue