Regarding making rows disabled and enabled in .js files


I want to make rows disabled when retrieving values from database and enabling rows only when “AddRow” button is clicked on adding a new row.Please help me where and what code i have to put …

Thanks in advance

To check if rows was loaded from the server you can use “onXLE” and “onXLS” events. Please check this article … es&s=onXLS


I don’t think this serves my purpose…

my area of concern is when i retrieve data from the database the column in the grid should be readOnly i.e the data should be readOnly…and after data is retrieved and then i click “AddRow” button to add new row to insert the new data…the column should now be editable so that i can enter some data in it.Please help me with dis…

Thanks in Advance

You can specify for all rows in xml
<row readonly=“true” …

and add next line to the init

if (this.getRowAttribute(id,“readonly”)) this.lockRow(id);

b) you can changed all columns to “ro” type, and set cells of new row as editable by using