Regd. column sorting containing link


We are using dhtmlxGrid to display the data on the page.

We need to sort the respective column by clicking on the header by using mygrid.setColSorting() method.

But in one of the column we are forming the link of numeric number. On click of that link we are opening different window.

But we need to sort that link by clicking on the header, which is not happening using above method.

Link which we are forming has below pattern:



For e.g. we need to sort ‘10, 11’ numbers, which are link using dhtmlxgrid.

Your suggestion will be of great help.

In case of pro version, you can define custom sorting method … om_sorting

By the way, default str sorting type ( setColSorting ) must work as well, but it will use all HTML content , which can be not-desired use-case