registred user can delete all items - how not?


every “Registred user” with rights “Edit” (Joomla backend) can delete and edit all items of all users. :imp:

How is it possible, that only the real author can delete and edit his own items? :question:

The “Super administrator” or other groups should have all rights.

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately it doesn’t possible in current version (as for now, you can define access rules for user groups, but not for specific users ), we are plan to provide user-specific calendars as part of next version.

Hi Stanislav,

thanks for quick answer. I think this is a necessary function for many users.


We plan to add “independent calendars” feature, when scheduler can work in existing mode, or show separate calendars for each user ( common settings, but separate data for each user ) - will it work in your use-case, or you think about more complex scenario, when still events of all users are visible, but only owned events are editable ?