Regression on dhtmlxForm


There’s a regression with dhtmlxForm (3.0 => 3.5/3.6) with block items.

Take this xml file :

<?xml version="1.0"?> <items> <item type="settings" position="label-left" labelWidth="100" inputWidth="150"/> <item type="fieldset" name="data" inputWidth="auto" label="Welcome"> <item type="block" inputWidth="auto"> <item type="input" value="p_rossi" label="Login"/> <item type="password" value="123" label="Password"/> <item type="checkbox" checked="true" label="Remember me"/> </item> <item type="newcolumn"/> <item type="block" inputWidth="auto"> <item type="label"/> <item type="label"/> <item type="label"/> <item type="label"/> <item type="input" label="Options"/> </item> </item> <item type="fieldset" name="test" inputWidth="auto" label="Test"> <item type="input" value="TEST" label="Test"/> </item> <item type="newcolumn"/> <item type="fieldset" name="more" inputWidth="auto" label="Environment"> <item type="radio" name="env" checked="true" label="Production"/> <item type="radio" name="env" checked="false" label="Test"/> </item> </items>

Here’s the result with 3.0 and with 3.6 :

Regressions :

  1. There’s now an unwanted left margin on block items (see “Login”, “Password” and “Remember me” labels are not more aligned with “Test”)

  2. “Welcome” fieldset overlaps “Environment”

Others differences are improvments.

Can you correct those two regressions (who are perhaps linked) ?



We need completed demo to solve your issue.
If you have PRO edition - send it in PM, please. … leted_demo


I can provide a complete demo if the XML sample has not the same results on your environment. But before that, please try the XML given and ask me a complete demo if it’s really necessary.


Your XML structure doesn’t influence on this issue. Try to set width for fieldsets.

For Regression n°2 : Yes i can correct all my forms but it will take times. Before that i would like to know if you will correct this or not (overlapping should never happen).

For Regression n°1 : I didn’t find any workarround to correct manually the unwanted left margin


correct “overlapping should never happen”
I will public fix here when it will ready, unfortunately can’t give you any date right now, not sure it will quick. for now you can set inputWidth or offsetLeft

Thanks Andrei,

As I said in the first post, those two regressions are perhaps linked.


I did some tests and your question can be resolved.
Please attach completed demo ( if it pro-version send it to ), I will add changes. Demo should contain all corresponding js/css files.

Hello Andrei,

Here’s the demo file as requested

JC (60.8 KB)


modified files:
dhtmlxForm36/dhtmlxform_dhx_skyblue.css (60.5 KB)

Hello Andrei,

Thanks, regression n° 2 is no more present but regression n° 1 is still here.

Is there a possibility to correct also regression n° 1 ?


this is ()'s padding, seems like “bug” in 3.0 not in 3.6

So is there a way to suppress this unwanted padding on block items ?

formblock.xml (add className):

demo36.html (add some css):

div.block_dhxform_item_label_left.my_block div.dhxform_base_nested.in_block { padding: 0px; }

Hello Andrei,

It’s works, thanks a lot.

It would be nice if those two corrections will be part on the next version of dhtmlxForm (for regression n°1 i think it’s better to let the user specify a padding if he wants padding or not on block items and put 0px as default padding)


Hi Andrei, now it looks nice. Thanks :slight_smile:

hi to all
both will included, regarding block offset - I think default behaviour will stay but there will an option to change offset

ok for me, thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Andrei,

Can you include the fix on radio button too on the corrected regression js file and attach it to this thread ?


what fix you mean?