Relative positioning

Is it possible to create a dhtmlxwindow relative to the view port? I want the viewport to dim the entire page and make the window instance be centered within that. I could not find any relative positioning in the api

It seems like you need something like logIn popup window. In this case you need the next:

  1. to make it modal … ality.html
  2. center it … tring.html

To make modal mask more dark you can use the next style:

div.dhxwins_mcover { background-color: #404040 !important; //or any other color you need opacity: 0.6; //or any other opacity you need }

Hi Darya
Excellent thank you. But now how to we place objects within the window. Is that the Dataview or Form object, or either, or yes

The next way: … omponents/
Just choose the component you need

P.S. Please, look throug online samples. It will be easy to understanf of DHTMLX framewoork at all