Reliable way to forbid start date modification through UI ?

I’m trying to find a reliable way to forbid only start date modification through UI.
Here my code:

    var result = true;
    if(e.srcElement.className.indexOf('task_left') > - 1 ) {
        result = false;
    return result;

But with some mouse positions on the tasks left side, i can drag start date. For those cases, e.srcElement.className contains either :

  • gantt_task_content
  • gantt_task_line ganttTask ganttDesign gantt_selected

Is there another way to forbid drag of task’s start date ?


UI uses css class of event target in order to detect the resize handles. So the easiest way to prevent resizing is to hide the left resize handle via CSS:.gantt_task_drag.task_left { display:none !important; }

Thanks a lot.
It’s perfect.


Laurent BIZE