Reload object to dhxLayout

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I have modified the code for this sample “” as below .
After click button b1 . How can I reload “form_cell_c” to dhxLayout.cells(“c”) by button b2 ?

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Complex split #layoutObj { position: relative; width: 600px; height: 660px; } var dhxLayout, dhxTabbar, myForm, formData; function zero(s) { if (s.length==1) s = "0"+s; return s; } function doOnLoad() { formData = [ {type: "settings", position: "label-left", labelWidth: 145, inputWidth: 150}, {type: "block", inputWidth: "auto", id: "form_cell_a", list:[ {type: "input", label: "First Name", value: "James", offsetTop: 14}, {type: "input", label: "Last Name", value: "Brown"}, {type: "select", label: "Sex", value: "male", options:[ {text: "Male", value: "male"}, {text: "Female", value: "female"} ]}, {type: "block", offsetTop:0 , inputWidth: "auto", list:[ {type: "button",name:"b1", value: "b1", offsetTop:0},{type: "newcolumn"}, {type: "button",name:"b2", value: "b2", offsetTop: 0} ]} ]}, {type: "block", inputWidth: "auto", id: "form_tab1", list:[ {type: "input", label: "Login", value: "james_br", offsetTop: 14}, {type: "password", label: "Password", value: "12345"}, {type: "password", label: "Confirm password", value: "12345"}, {type: "select", label: "Account type", value: "user", options:[ {text: "Admin", value: "admin"}, {text: "Organiser", value: "org"}, {text: "User", value: "user"} ]}, {type: "checkbox", label: "Allow OAuth login", checked: true}, {type: "checkbox", label: "Allow OpenID login", checked: true} ]}, {type: "block", inputWidth: "auto", id: "form_tab2", list:[ {type: "input", label: "Street address", value: "22 Acacia Avenue", offsetTop: 14}, {type: "input", label: "City", value: "Oslo"}, {type: "input", label: "Country", value: "Norway"}, {type: "input", label: "Phone", value: "+47 12 34 56 78"}, {type: "input", label: "Fax", value: "+47 12 34 56 79"}, {type: "input", label: "Mobile", value: "+47 12 34 56 80"} ]}, {type: "block", inputWidth: "auto", id: "form_tab3", list:[ {type: "settings", position: "label-right", labelWidth: 200}, {type: "checkbox", label: "Send e-mail notifications", checked: true, offsetTop: 14, list:[ {type: "checkbox", label: "News & events", checked: true}, {type: "checkbox", label: "Advertisement"}, {type: "checkbox", label: "Account info updates", checked: true}, {type: "checkbox", label: "My posts/My threads updates", checked: true} ]} ]}, {type: "block", inputWidth: "auto", id: "form_cell_c", list:[ {type: "input", label: "Account created", value: "22-09-1997 12:37", readonly: true, offsetTop: 14}, {type: "input", label: "Created by", value: "Robert Patrick", readonly: true}, {type: "input", label: "Last account update", value: "19-02-2011 19:54", readonly: true}, {type: "input", label: "Updated by", value: "Matt Lazovsky", readonly: true} ]} ]; dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject("layoutObj", "3E"); dhxLayout.cells("a").setText("Common Information"); dhxLayout.cells("a").setHeight(200); dhxLayout.cells("c").setText("Account Update"); dhxLayout.cells("c").setHeight(215);
		dhxTabbar = dhxLayout.cells("b").attachTabbar({
			tabs: [
				{id: "a1", text: "Login Details", active: true},
				{id: "a2", text: "Address / Phone"},
				{id: "a3", text: "E-mailing"}
		myForm = dhxLayout.cells("a").attachForm(formData);			
		myForm.attachEvent("onButtonClick", function(id){				
				///?? reload attachObject("form_cell_c") to dhxLayout.cells("c")					
				myGrid = dhxLayout.cells("c").attachGrid();
				myGrid.loadXML("../common/grid.xml?etc="+new Date().getTime());			    


How can I reload “form_cell_c” to dhxLayout.cells(“c”) by button b2
could you please clarify your question? reload means load other values into inputs?

Just like this action .

Sir ,
I got answer .
myForm = dhxLayout.cells(“c”).attachForm([formData[0],formData[5]]);
Do not need to reply my question .

Thanks a lot .