Reloading json when jumping over the end of the month


10 days are shown in the timeline. Today is the 23.07. - the last day is 01.08. The 01.08. will not load though. I use dynamic loading.


If I continue here on the timeline, the entire month of August will be empty. September will be reloaded. The Json data is valid.

Is not recognized when the coming month is spent with a day in the view?

Ciao Thomas

			name:	"timeline",
			x_unit:	"day",
			x_date:	"%D %d %M",
			x_step:	1,
			x_size: 10,
			x_length: 10,

I indicate that the timeline should display 10 days. And yet the next month is not loaded?

If you set the dynamic loading for the “month” mode, it means that data will be loaded by parts equal to month. The requested interval won’t be smaller than the rendered one. I.e. in your case Scheduler will request data by monthes, i.e.: Jul and Aug.

Can you share any example or provide with access to your application where I can reproduce the issue?

Hi Polina,

I see how the data is requested in the correct time period

from	2018-07-23
timeshift	-120
to	2018-08-06
uid	1532615164446

I believe that it is my mistake. have just seen that the Json content on 31.07. ends. It has to be sent here as well.
Ciao thomas

Do you have events that occur in Aug?