Remember selection with Smart Rendering

We use the DHTMLXGrid to load large ammounts of data. To improve performance, we enabled Smart Rendering.

This function gives us a challenge with selecting. While you are in the currently loaded set of rows you can click the first row, then hold SHIFT and click another row to multiselect an entire range of rows.

This doesn’t work anymore with Smart Rendering. I select the first row, scroll down a few times (causing a new load) and click the second row, but it has ‘forgotten’ the first row was already selected.

Is there a way to work around this?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately such feature is not available.
In case of using the smart rendering only the visible rows can be selected.

Hi Sematik,

Thanks for your reply. Thats unfortunate to hear, I could really use this. Is such a feature on the todo list for you or are you not planning to develop it at all?


This is the known limitation. We’re working on the solution, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee, that the solution will be ready in a near future.