Remove custom attribute after save

Hi to everybody,
I’ve used “UserData” to pass a value from client side to server side.
I want to remove the “UserData” value after the data are stored in database.
This is my client side code :


and this is the code in server-side to retrieve the value:

If e.DataAction.UserData.ContainsKey("mydata") Then
  dim mydata as String = e.DataAction.UserData("mydata")
end if

finally to remove the key I use


at the end of “AfterProcessing” method but seems don’t works.
How can I do ?
Any help is appreciate.

Do you want to remove it from the client side event object ?

You can’t do it fully automatically, but you can assign code to onAfterUpdate handler of dataprocessor on client side, and call from it any logic based on response type and id ( both will be available as parameters of event )