remove day, week tabs and customize month view for each week

I have two questions I need answers for:

  1. I need to display events without a time element (given the pre-existing structure of the server side database). Therefore, the month view displays the events in the list format I want. I don’t want users to be able to click the week or day tabs because of this. I know I could simply remove the divs if I was initializing the scheduler from HTML, but I am attaching the scheduler to a tab in a tabbar that is within a layout. I have tried removing the divs in the scheduler JavaScript but there was no change. How can I hide those two buttons when the scheduler is in a tabbar?

  2. Given the preferred layout of the Month view, I’d like to give the user the option to view 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or the full month at a time. How can I go about achieving this? Would I have to use a custom view?

Thank you!


  1. The most reasonable way to remove day and week tabs is remove divs. But if this way isn’t suite for you, you can try to hide them by css “display:none”.

  2. Please, check the week agenda view:
    As for 2 or 3 weeks, you need to add custom view by changing source code of Month view or try to use timeline view(there is also no Y time scale). You can set required step on X scale and specify date range (snippet how it can be implemented, to switch between scales use Ctrl+mouse wheel: )

To hide column with sections, set dx:0 at createTimelineView method and CSS

.dhx_matrix_scell{ display:none; }