remove display of default hours:minutes and also username

Dear forum,

I am trying to use a DHTMLX calendar on my WordPress website. I am a tutor (with a beginner’s programming skills, although I know some Unix and PHP), and I would like my students (who are members of the website) to maintain their activity schedules on a calendar. Many of these activities are scheduled to occur on a certain day, but not at a certain time. Hence I would like the default time designation for an event to be no time at all!

However, as currently configured, every time a student enters an event into the calendar, the line displays (in the monthly view) with the default 00:00 prepended. Is there any way to prepend hour:minute information to the activity line ONLY when the student has entered information about hour and minute? That’s the way it works for multi-day activities. It would be nice to have that be the default for single day events as well.

Another way of putting this is: I would like there to be no hours:minutes display default at all, and for the data input module to require no hours:minutes specification.

I also have a second, less important question: can one display a calendar event without including the user name in the display?

Perhaps these two questions have already been answered on this forum, but I haven’t found these answers.

Thanks for any assistance you can give.

Raymond Barglow

a format of a time label is defined by event_bar_date template, you can redefine it in order not to show the time:

scheduler.templates.event_bar_date = function(start,end,ev){ return ""; }; … plate.html

As for time selector, you can hide not needed inputs either via JS
or using these configs … cselectors

The html content is defined by a template functions, you can redefine them … plate.html
The default setting contains only an event description, no usernames. Probably you use some existing configuration or scheduler wordpress plugin?

Hello again Aliaksandr and community,

Thank you for your reply. It’s quite helpful. But it leaves me with a simple, perhaps stupid question: how am I to implement the revisions that you suggest? You present revised code, but I don’t know where to put it!

I tried inserting the code in these places:

  1. the Word Press page from which I call the calendar (using a short code)

  2. the file dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php – because some of the entries in this file resemble a bit the revisions you suggest.

  3. the Wordpress functions.php file.

None of these three options worked! So I don’t know what to do to implement the changes. Does it say anywhere in the documentation how one actually works with parameters such as event_bar_text? Perhaps the problem is that I am not using an html file but am calling the calendar from a Wordpress page.

Thanks again for your help!

Raymond Barglow

what you use for dhtmlxScheduler? Is it a regular version that can be downloaded/bought here ?

Hello again Aliaksandr and community,

First of all, I appreciate your willingness to help me figure this out.

I am using the WordPress plugin version of the scheduler: event-calendar-scheduler, 3.0. That is the 2nd link you give in your message. To my knowledge, that is the only dhtmlx scheduler/calendar plugin for WordPress. I’ll be happy to use any other version of the scheduler, if that will make life easier. :slight_smile: And if that costs something, I am willing to purchase. I will need the scheduler to be integrated into WordPress, since that’s the software I’m using.

One of the desired adaptations of the scheduler (monthly display), which will serve me (a tutor) and my students, is this: if a student enters a specific time for an event, that time will appear on the calendar entry for that event. Otherwise, the default is no time display at all. That way, a student can add an activity to the monthly calendar without committing to a specific time of day when he or she will do that activity.

By the way, I’m developing an application of the scheduler to do the following. Each student sets up and maintains his/her own calendar schedule of academic activities, such as classes, tests, homework, etc., and only these activities (no one else’s) show up on his/her calendar. A teacher has access to each student’s calendar/schedule. I am implementing this in a pretty simple way, which I’ll be happy to share with the community.


Raymond Barglow

unfortunately i may be not a big help on Wordpress plugin,
you may ask on a related subforum
note that the scheduler plugins are no longer developed, if you have experience with wordpress it may be better to manually integrate a standalone component

Generally, there seems to be an entry point where you can put your JS code

You’ll be able to do it with event_bar_date template from the post above. Inside the function you can inspect the event dates and return either an empty string (not show time) or an actual date