Remove empty margin from edge of layout - it is hardcoded

Why is the CSS for dhxcont_global_layout_area hard-coded? Can I change this in the javascript?



I can’t change the margin in css with !important either, because the height and width are generated.

What do you want to do with this area?

I want it to be fullscreen, not leave a 9 pixel empty space between the app and the edges of my browser/screen.

You need to comment in dhtmlxlayout.js in lines about 123 the next 4 lines:
if ( == “dhx_terrace”) {
// this.cont.obj._offsetTop = 14;
// this.cont.obj._offsetLeft = 14;
// this.cont.obj._offsetHeight = -28;
// this.cont.obj._offsetWidth = -28;

This is not very convenient when using the minified dhtmlx.js.

But thanks to your hint I figured it out!

Change line 1083 to say:

if("dhx_web")this.cont.obj._offsetTop=0,this.cont.obj._offsetLeft=0,this.cont.obj._offsetHeight= 0,this.cont.obj._offsetWidth=0;

Thanks again, but I’d like to add that a spacing around the main layout in a fullscreen app is kinda silly, and ideally, one should not have to change code in the library itself. I’m pretty sure the same can be done using CSS, making this change doable in the customized CSS file. :slight_smile:

It sepends on the skin design. Skin “dhx_terrace” was created as light ans spacious skin.

Yes it is beautiful. :slight_smile: Especially with all the spacing within the components.

But the spacing between the edge of your app and the edge of your screen doesn’t make sense. It’s like watching a youtube video with a 5% black border around the video.

But it is alreasy declared. Anyway, i answered you, how to fix this :slight_smile:

I just don’t get why this outside spacing is declared. But yes I’ve got my solution, thank you!

It is just design feature :slight_smile:

I would like to remove this margin also. I’m using “dhx_skyblue”
I commented out the line below, and it works for the left margin, but not the top margin


Please send your completed demo including all corresponding js/css files to and a screenshot with required margings specified.