Remove full day event flag using d&d

we are planning to release some new features based on dhtmlxScheduler.
After the first touch with your samples I have some questions:

  1. It’s possible to drag&drop full day event and put it on specific time? (screen 1)

  2. Because we want to reduce space of hours where events are not usually available, we will probably configure scheduler to first/last hours: 8:00 - 20:00.
    But sometimes, we have event before or after that hours.
    Is it any way to display it at the beginning?
    (screen 2)

  3. When we configure time_step to 1, time field is so large. It’s possible to have time field of input type instead select?
    (screen 3)

Thanks for suggestions

(1) it is not possible

(2) you can place a bit of code in onEventLoading handler, which will adjust start|end dates of events after data loading, so their time will be in visible area ( but if you will try to move or edit such events - they will be saved with new time. With some extra coding it may be possible to restore original time as well )

(3) In such case it may be more simple to replace time section with custom one ( time picker is limited to select box only for now )

(2) also, instead of changing even time, you can use … edtimespan

Which will allow to create visible markers in necessary places.