Remove paddings and borderlines from layout

Dear all,

I place a 4E pattern layout in the body section. How to remove programatically (without changing the CSS) the outer white frame and the layout inner paddings.

And, is it also possible to set the border for each frame separetely to 0px or change the border color.


Are you going to use web skin?

Yes - with some modifications using skin builder and some minor changes in the CSS (for Grid only - i.e. change the header height).

So, please, provide us a demo with all custom modifications - we will try to help you … pport.html

Attached the demo.

my changes in the dhtmlx.css can be found search /* PF-- - the text behind is the original one for the next line.

But the behavior I descripe is the same with the original css (the web skin is used)


[attachment with pro version removed according forum rules]


1st red arrow (from top to bottom)
this is default skin setting, but can be changed (unofficially):
main_layout.cells(“a”).cell.childNodes[main_layout.cells(“a”).conf.idx.cont].style.padding = “0px”;
main_layout.cells(“a”).conf.cells_cont = null;

2nd red arrow
this is also skin setting, but has public method for changing … fsets.html