Removing empty menu bar when using context menu in a cell

Is there a way of removing the empty menu bar when using attachMenu() in a cell? The menu is to be used as a context menu.

I set the text for the cell with


and when I then add

menu = leftLayout.cells(“a”).attachMenu();

I get an empty bar below the cell header with “Test”

I want use the context menu with a tree in the same cell using


If you want to use context menu, you shouldn’t use attachMenu() method.

Try to use the common way of context menu intialization:

menu = new dhtmlXMenuObject();


and then you can attach it to the tree:


Thanks Alex that worked,
I had attached the menu to a cell in the layout and so used attachMenu() but then decided to use a tree in the cell and attach to this instead but I did not realise I had to change the attach method.

Yes, we use attachMenu() to attach a horizontal menu to a cell. For context menu - new dhtmlXMenuObject().