Removing Scheduler From Page

I know that you can use .clearAll to clear all data in schedule, but how does one completely remove all traces of the scheduler from the page?

This would include the div that is created and use for the lightbox.

You can just hide it with this code :


I am not talking about hiding the scheduler. I am talking about removing any traces of it, which would include un-attaching any event handlers and removing the div created for lightbox.

Not sure I still need to do this, but am wondering how to do so if I wanted/needed to.

There is no destructor for scheduler, and its code created to be inited only once, so deleting old scheduler and creating a new one is not expected usecase ( it is bit more flexible with pro version, but still creating|deleting schedulers dynamically is rare use-case )

Scheduler doesn’t attach to anything outside of its own container, so clearing it must destroy all event handlers as well.

document.getElementById("scheduler_here").innerHTML = "";