Removing toolbar

I want to remove tool bar. But i am using the cascade event display. So when I do

scheduler.attachEvent("onClick",function(){ return false; });

I am not able to switch between the events which are cascaded.

If I remove the attachevent then I get the toolbar.

if there a way I can get best of both worlds?


For now you can use following code:

scheduler._prev_selected = null; // just a helper, will store of previously selected event scheduler.attachEvent("onClick",function(id){ if(scheduler._prev_selected != id) { // if we are selecting some other event... scheduler.for_rendered(scheduler._prev_selected, function(div){ // .. need to set back previously selected = 1; }); scheduler.for_rendered(id, function(div){ // .. and move forward currently selected = 2; }); scheduler._prev_selected = id; // update prev. selected element } return false; });
We will check if it’s possible to do so without additional code.

Kind regards,