Render Grid on Demand

Hi ,

We are using DhtmlxGridFromTable in which grid is made out of the table with groupBy on 1st column.

Since groupBy is used on the first column , it provides the expand/collapse functionality with the no of records loaded.

Is it possible in DhtmlxGrid that on page load, grid is not loaded with data and only when the grid is expanded (feature provided by groupBy) , the grid is loaded and rendered on demand.


It can be done only with dhtmlxTreeGrid extension. You can load treeGrid’s sub notes dynamically only after pressing “+” button. Please find example here … n_treegrid

Thanks for the example.But I have two queries related to this :

1) Grid and the kidsGrid is created from the XML , but in my case Grid is made out of the table .Is it possible also when grid is made out of table.If yes , is there any example ?

2) I am using gropuBy on one of the columns , is it possible to use groupBy ?


  1. Unfortunately there is no way to initialize treeGrid from the table
    2) It’s impossible to do with groupBy() functionality. The only way load sub node on demand is to use treeGrid.