Render mobile app on .jsp page.

Is it possible to include a app created with DHTMLX touch into a webpage with other HTML code as well?
I’ve tried it a couple of times, but it only works when i delete the old HTML code, and i need the form values from the old code to be included in the mobile app…

When i just put the code in the body it will only display the normal HTML.

Thnx in advance.

Yep it possible, the dhx.ui by default create fullscreen ui, but you can place some div on page and use

dhx.ui({ container:"div_id", ... });

ui will be limited to the parent div

Alterantive strategy can be in creating fullscreen layout, and pointing one of templates to the existing html container, so it will place that container inside dhtmlx touch layout

dhx.ui({ view:"template", template:"html->id_of_existing_html_container", ... })

Thanks for the quick response! But unfortunatly, it does not solve the problem… My dhx. confirm message pops, but the app does still not load…

So far i’ve created two divs. one for the mobile app (mobiel) and one for the regular HTML code (normaal)

in the div “mobiel” i placed the mobile app javascript and in “normaal” the HTML code.

here is my code, which should display some DHTML content, which works when i load it without html in the source.

var mainView = {
elements:[{ view:“label”, label: ‘Show something’, align:‘left’},
{view:“button”, type: “round”, label:“yes, please”, click:“normalVersion();”

  	  var app = { 



dhx.confirm (‘framework Test…’);

Thanks for the help!