Rendering with rollup and smart rendering



We use the Gantt widget as part of our product. Recently we have used the Roll up feature to render Milestones. We are seeing :

  • Some of the Milestones do not appear on the Gantt
  • Milestones flicker when we scroll
  • Also some of the Milestones disappear during the scrolling (though they are very much on the view port)

We ran our use cases with smart rendering off and then the problems disappeared. Is there any known issue for this ?

-Shailesh Charati


Hello Shailesh,
Probably, the issue is related to the Gantt configuration, but it is hard to suggest what might be wrong as I don’t see your code.
Please, add your configuration in the following snippet and make sure that the issue is reproduced there:
Then, click on the Share button and send me the link.
Or send me a ready demo with all the necessary Javascript and CSS files so that I can reproduce the issue locally.