reorder in grid

Hi ,

I have 2 grids A and B . Grid A has 10 rows with ids 1, ,2 …10

I want to drag and drop few of these rows to Grid B . Then I want to reorder the Grid B say 3,2,7,4. When I make a post request after this I want data on list “grib_b_rowsadded” to be in same order i.e 3,2,7,4. But I get the data ordered by id as 2,3,4,7 on the server side

How can this be achieved ?

Thanks and regards

dhtmlxGrid hasn’t logic to save rows order. After you reload the grid you should return rows in necessary order. To save rows order you may use serialization. Please find example here … alization/

Thanks . I guess I can also use get getRowsNum() and getRowId() to construct ordered list and then make a GET request.