Repeat event form

We have been using (MVC) and dhtmlxScheduler 3.0 successfully for a month. Now attempting to add the repeat event scheduling capabilities is causing an issue as the form is not being displayed properly. The first screenshot shows what happens when implemented within our intranet website, where the end date inputs are missing. The second screenshot shows what happens when tested standalone, a separate project w/ no other css files (based on other posts per potential css conflicts). In the second example the inputs are misplaced. Any suggestions as to what could be causing this and how to resolve? Thanks.

Which version of scheduler you are using?
Prior version 3.0 there was separate css files, which need to be added on page to include recurring and some other extensions styles.

If you are using latest version - it possible that situation caused by css conflict, if you have some global styles which are affecting all elements on the page.

The issue was fixed by re-copying the codebase. Thanks