Repeat Event item lineup

I’ve added the Repeating Events to the Scheduler that I am working with. The functionality works fine but when creating the event everything under the section Repeat Event is mis-aligned. Perhaps I am missing a CSS? I’ve attached a screen shot.

Secondly, on IE10, when I move events onto “Today” the default background teal green changes to clear and I cannot see the event. Creating a new event on Today seems fine. FF is unaffected. If I assign a different color it seems to not do this.

There is only one css file, and you need not include any extra for the recurring events.
Most probably you have a conflict between scheduler’s styles and some other css on the page.

If issue still occurs - please post any kind of sample where it can be checked.

Yes, I had a conflicting CSS with label defined which was screwing it up.

What about the appointments on the Today going clear?

I can’t recreate it locally.
If prolem still occurs - please provide any kind of sample or demo link, where issue can be checked