Repeating dhtmlxAjax.get()

I tried to use dhtmlxAjax to verify login and password. It works well for the first entry of log and pass. But if the first entry isn’t verified I could not verify next entries. I’ll describe the problem with a very simple example

When I run the script for the first time I have all 4 messages. But when I repeat the request I have only the messages “1. send, 2.send”. After deleting the line “response=loader.xmlDoc.responseText;” I have again all 4 messages.

Debugging the script in Opera Dragonfly I found an error: Uncaught exception: TypeError: ‘’ is not a function in this part of dhtmlx script:

if (dhtmlObject.waitCall){,dhtmlObject);
The error occurs only for the second and next requests.

My question is How to solve the problem of repeating Ajax requests. I didn’t find an answer in the documentation and in this forum.

Solved. The problem was in the name “response” of the callback function. After changing it to “myresponse” the second and next requests pass well.