Replace Javascript alert() with dhtmlxWindows?

I trying to replace alert/prompt with a dhtmlxWindow, but I need to respect the default dehaviour of alert. That is, when you call a window.alert the script stops till you close de window.

With dhtmlxWindow one the window is created the execution of the script continues.


dhxWindows doesn’t provide built-in methods for that

Ok, thanks for your quick answer.

It would be a good feature for future versions :slight_smile:

You might get almost the same behaviour as alert() by opening a dhtmlx Window in modal mode on the entire viewport. This prevents the user from doing anything other than clicking on buttons in this window. Then you might catch the button clicks in some event handlers and continue processing. We’ve set up a kind of “msgBox” wrapper around dhtmlx window with a behaviour similar (almost) to that in VBA. Works good for me.
just my 2 cents,