replace row using drag-drop

When dragging a row from one grid to another, how best to replace the target row with the source row without adding the row to the target grid?? … g_and_drop

Thank you so much.
I will review.

I am still having difficulty replacing a row from source grid to target grid using d-n-d.
I don’t know how to replace the row.

Which method or event will allow this, and where in the process? (onDrag,onDrop, gridToGrid ???)
I think I have to manipulate the source RowId and target Id to match but am stuck on method.
Do I need to delete the original row???

Please help.

You can use following code:

mygrid.attachEvent("onDrag",function(sId,tId,sObj,tObj,sInd,tInd){ tObj.forEachCell(tId,function(cellObj,ind){ if (ind<sObj.getColumnsNum()){ var val=sObj.cells(sId,ind).getValue(); cellObj.setValue(val); } }) return false; });

Thank you soooo much.
I have since put together something similiar to this, but it did not handle multiple source d-n-d.

You have been extremely helpful.
Have a great day.