Replace xml attribute or element with data from Database (MySQL/PHP)

Is there any way to pull/replace xml element/attribute from database? For example, I have this xml where the second cell is a combo. When I select Dell it gets saved in the database but if I reload the grid I don’t get the data from DB and I am looking for a way to pull the value from DB into “$data_to_be_replaced” that way whatever value I selected and saved in the DB that is I want to be displayed in that cell of the grid. I founf few ways to populate the whole XML but I just one element/attribute to be replaced. If there is another way to do it then please advise. Thank you

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Vendor Model Serial Number $data_to_be_replaced DELL HP Panasonic

Looks like the xml was cut cut off
Not sure what is going on with the xml posting …???

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Vendor Model Serial Number $data_to_be_replaced DELL HP Panasonic

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You should make this replacement on your server-side before loading the data to the grid

Thank you for the hint. I Tried few things on the server side but it did not work. I also tried OptionsConnector which works fine but that drop down displays the same data for all rows for the same column - I am looking for something to have specifc combo for each cell in a row in the same column. XML works fine but I save the data in the DB once an option is selected then if I reload the grod, it reloads from the xml. I did not think that would be this complicated and I am newbie and liking it so far. I know there are lot of options and I just don’t know which one would work best in this case. Many thanks to whoever has an idea on how to achieve this.

Please, try to use the ComboConnector instead of OptionsConnector:

Thank you very much Sematik! I will give it a try and post the result