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Sorry, i wasn’t sure how to post a reply to your answer to my previous question.  there is no ‘reply’ button (think about adding one), so i don’t know if this is the proper place for this question.  Here is your answer to my previous question:

grid provides few events for selection contorl

onBeforeSelect - occurs before row selected
onRowSelect - occurs when row selected
onSelectStateChanged - called which row selected or unselected

so you can use
       //code here

Here is my reply:

I’m sorry, but your suggestion did not work.  I have tried attaching the event in about 6 different ways.  I’ve tried attaching it to the dom node, to the grid object.  I’ve tried attaching it with various event connection toolkits. and of course, i tried attachEvent() as well, and nothing is working.  Furthermore, this event is not listed in your event list, further supporting my belief that its not implemented.  Can you provide some more help and maybe a working example?


Answered in original thread … ent&q=1238