Report issue : Jquery UI Dialog and DHTMLX Touch

There is an issue with the utilisation of JQuery UI dialog component into a Dhtmlx Touch app : its impossible to resize or move the JQuery dialog.

here is an example of a JQuery dialog just try to import DHTMLX files into “test.html” and you will see the issue.

Can you help me to find out where this issue come from?

Thanks a lot.

Oups sorry i forgot the file. :smiley: (337 KB)

There is conflict between Dialog and touch actions layer.
If you plan to use DHTMLX Touch in non-touch environment you can disable this problem by adding next line


before initializing the dialog.

Thanks for your answer, but there is a way to solve this issue and keep the touch environnement available?


Try to add the next style on the page

html, body{ height:auto; }

It seems that it restores functionality of used jquery plugin.