Requesting a meeting

I would like to create the following functionality:

  1. Multi-user calendar (I guess, that’s easy - a separate calendar data per user login)
  2. One user can see another’s availability (also get that)
  3. A user can request a meeting, the other approve.

It’s #3 that’s giving me pause. I imagine, I could do the following:

i. Create a pending event in the both people’s schedules (probably modifying the underlying data structure)
ii. Add a function ‘accept/decline’
iii. Remove pending status.

Has anyone done something similar? Is there a standard way of accomplishing this with dhtmlxScheduler?

Thank you!

Hello, Kate.

Thanks for the interesting question.
There are number of ways to implement it but here are some of my thoughts on this matter.

‘events’ table with general event information.
‘events_users’ table with information to link event_id to user_ids and status

event_id  user_id  event_status
     1      66        requested
     1      56        pending
     1      34        confirmed

event with id = 1 is linked to user ids 66 (requested the meeting), 56 (confirmation pending), 34 (confirmed)

While it’s definitely possible please describe how do you see it? Or everyone can see each other events?

One record in the events table, all the work will be in events_users table (updating their statuses).

Yes, if confirmation is pending from the user when we can display ‘Confirm’, ‘Decline’ buttons which will make AJAX call to the server side and update information in the database.

If you need any more help with this please note that we ourselves are offering services to modify/integrate our components in the specific solutions. If you are interested be sure to email us - sales [at]

Best regards,