reservation swap

Good morning I wanted to know if someone has made or know how to make a function that makes the exchange between two bookings with the same dates.
All other rooms in the period are occupied.
It is about selecting the chambers to be inverted and performing the swap operation


It is interesting case, we didn’t have such queries before.

I can advice you 2 ways and hope at least one of them will help you.
Choose 2 events, update all required properties in data manually and render the updated events:

scheduler.getEvent(eventId).text = "Conference"; //changes event's data
scheduler.updateEvent(eventId); // renders the updated event … event.html

If you have set the limit of events per time slot to one event ,
you can drag one event to the second one and swap them when onEventCollision fires … event.html
Just update dates or section_id between them (you mentioned that your bookings with the same dates).