Reset background color of grid cell

I’m using setBgColor() to apply highlighting to cells on a grid. However, I want to be able to clear the highlighting as well. I’m currently running setBgColor() again to set it to white, but the problem is that then the cell appears white even when the row is selected, instead of looking like the rest of the row. Obviously, that’s not the behavior I’d want.

I also set the text color, but it appears that the default text color is not pure black, because the text of the cell looks different when the highlighting is cleared.

Is there a way to just reset the cell styling to the default of the grid?

OK, well, I found the background color thing on my own. The trick there is instead of setting a hex color code like setBgColor("#ffffff") instead do setBgColor("transparent")

In finding that, I also found what the default text color is. However, in case I ever apply different CSS styling, I’d like to find out how to get the default text color for the grid programmatically. Surely that has to be stored somewhere, for when new rows are added. Any insight on where that can be found?