Reset Row level user data after delete.


We are using DHTML Xgrid 2.5. We load the grid from XML. We set all the hidden field values (which is either primary key or foreign key) at the user data for each row. Now when ever we delete a row in the middle, the corresponding user data at row is not deleted, Due to this we could not map the remaining records available in the same page.

Please help to resolve this issue.
E.g a page contains 10 records with 10 userdata, if we delete 5th record then 6-10 records refers 5-9 userdatas, thus deleting 7th record again will delete 6th since the hidden user data is different.


Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please check if each row in your grid has unique id. Also check if you are using row id to get user data.
If issue still occurs please provide us any kind of sample where it can be reproduced.