Resetting the content of the tab in tabbar

Hi all…

Initially i add a tab to the tab-bar and set its content in the following manner :

Now i remove the same tag from the tab-bar :

After that i again add the tag with same id :
tabbar.addTab(id1,title,“0px”); //No error is being thrown

But setting the contents of the tab
tabbar.setContent(id1,source); //raises the error.

Can i get the better way of doing the same??
The problem is that :

  1. The content attribute of tabbar retains the id of the tab but sets its content-parameter to null
    2 .The object with the specified id in the tabid attribute of tabbar is deleted.


when you remove the tab, its content is also removed. For this reason, when you call setContent a second time, the error is occured. You may attach the content to the document body before tab is removed in order to save the content.