Resize layout (move splitter bar on select) in Chrome only

I recently noticed that when a user re-sizes a layout (i.e., mouse-down on splitter bar and vertical or horizontal move) now causes a flicker on other windows, grids, status bar, etc – as the splitter bar is moved. This appears to occur only with Chrome ( using v. 16.0.912.63 m) and is somewhat recent. Meaning – this is a new problem that arose from a chrome update, but I cannot pinpoint what update and when. Chrome used to work fine. Firefox 8 and IE IE 9 continue to work fine - no flicker. After a little investigation, I tried the sample/demo layout on this page … x.shtml?mn. The same situation arises. Chrome causes a flicker (as if the dhtmlx elements are quickly selected and unselected) and Firefox and IE9 work as expected.

Alexandra – can you replicate this situation? If so, is there a work-around or fix? Is this something Google messed up?

Please try to use the attached file it will solve the problem in Chrome. (18.8 KB)

Unfortunately, the application is running ver 2.x and has a custom layout pattern in the layout.js file with custom fixes for that layout.

Can you suggest a work-around? What was the fix? If I knew the specific change made to the file you provided then can I adopt a fix our custom layout.js?

My best guess at this point is this problem is related to the resize event handler in dhtmlxgrid.js. The grid file is v.2.0 build 81107.

Saw another reference to this problem. Here is the link. … =4&q=13945

However, the problem of grid flashing occurs when the splitter bar (hor) is moved quickly. If moved slowly, no flashing occurs.

Please attach the complete demo that includes js and css libraries (non-minified) that you are using.

To provide a working example, I need to reduce the application down to something you can run, but omits back-end dll and database roundtrips. Also, I need to send that to you via a private email. I cannot post that online in a public forum. If that is ok, how can I reach you?

Server-side scripts are not needed to this issue… Please attach only the non-minified Layout libs that you are using.

I understand. What I can post on a public forum is a legal issue for us. We have two options:

  1. I can post in a public forum DHTMLX libraries we use. Your support team can then construct a test to evaluate/fix the layout libraries, or

  2. I can send to a private email address a working version of our application, that will work for your support staff and excludes all the hooks to server-side libraries.

Whichever you find easier, we can do. Which do you prefer?

The two issues we have identified with Chrome (that used to work fine), are: 1) The flutter-effect when moving a splitter bar quickly. If there is any question regarding what the flutter-effect is, we see the same flutter-effect on DHTMLX site in demos of layout. 2) Chrome no longer allows focus on an active splitter so that the window can be resized. This only applies to a nested layout. Our base layout is 4C. Layout 3J is nested in cell b of layout 4c. You will see in our layout library version an attempt to solve this using a custom layout, we labeled 6H. That approach (no layout nesting) doesn’t appear workable for the pattern we require.

Thanks for patience.

The 1st way will do


See attached zipped files.

Dan (1.61 MB) (1000 KB)

Alexandra – any progress on a solution?

Please see attached sample. We have modified dhtmlxlayout_dhx_blue.css and dhtmlxlayout.css. The problem is solved by these libraries. (180 KB)

Has there been any movement on this? Its easy enough to reproduce - just navigate to your own demo page … ndex.shtml using chrome and move the splitters. Unsightly flashing occurs and even adjoining text highlights crazily over the whole page.

This is a rather serious situation and hampers the serious deployment of any app using splitters.

Ok - I just saw the ‘patch’ in this thread and tried it - seems to fix the problem.

I wonder why hasn’t this patch been integrated into the downloads, and to the demo/sample pages currently being shown on the main DHTMLX website … ndex.shtml? Its been 4 months. It might be putting people off - playing with the demos and seeing all the horrible flashing effects (in chrome, a popular browser).

Incidentally, as well as changing a couple of .css files (as mentioned) the patch seems to also change some image/skin files. There seems to be a new file “dhxlayout_bg.png” that wasn’t there before in the official suite download.

And even running the ‘sample’ patch example, I get minor errors appearing in my console:

…/codebase/imgs/dhxwins_dhx_blue/active/icon_normal.gifFailed to load resource
…/codebase/imgs/dhxwins_dhx_blue/inactive/icon_normal.gifFailed to load resource