Resize of parent DIV does not cause dhtmlxLayout to redraw

I have read several posts that describe the need to have the layout properly resize itself if the parent container changes. In my case, the layout is within a

element that is sized at 100%.

Several posts ask this same question, and support has responded indicating that the resizing functionality will be in the next version. However, it didn’t mention which version was the next version. Does this functionality exist in 2.5? If not, when can it be expected?


Such functionality exists in 2.5, but layout resizes automatically only when inited on document.body.
In your case you should manually call setSizes() method for adjusting layout.

Hello guys,

Tried out to set up a auto-resize layout in a page, thanks to provided above hint.
Bumped into a small bug though.
As you can see in provided sample, when you resize horizontally window, layout correctly resizes accordingly until you crossed a vertical cell separator. Then, separator and collapsing buttons are messed up and never return to their previous states.
Any thoughts ?


BUG_LAYOUT.rar (75.8 KB)

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