Resize primary column of gantt Chart

Hi Sir,

I am using DhtmlX gantt chart and I have requirement to resize primary “Task name” column by dragging.
I apply following changes but it’s not working.

gantt.config.columns = [{ name: “text”, label: “Task name”, tree: true, width: ‘*’, resize: true }];

So how its possible?


Which version of gantt you are using?
As per the documentation it is supported in the PRO edition.


How can i find the version of dhtmlx?

in my dhtmlx.js file following are display.
Version: 4.3
Edition: Standard

But how can i find means its free version or paid.

So please suggest me I have to go for PRO edition or with above scenario i will get this feature?

on this page you can download only the Standard version of the gantt … load.shtml

So unless you’ve purchased a commercial license or requested an evaluation version of PRO version - you have a Standard one.
In order to check it you can open any js/css file from a package codebase folder, it should start from a comment like following: - standard version - evaluation PRO version

Or check readme.txt from a package root folder, it also contains a version description

Hi ,
We have purchase dhtmlxGantt - Commercial License. So from where we can get latest .js which have resize functionality?

Hi Sir,

We have purchase dhtmlx commercial license version.
Apply new dhtmlxgantt.js in application but still resize functionality not working !