Resize Scheduler to avoid scroll

Hello, I’m trying to resize the scheduler to avoid scrolling to see the whole view.
I’ve been trying to follow the next topic, without results.

I’ve try to change the scheduler.config.hour_size_px property to ‘21’, but it provokes styling problems.

Any idea?
I would like to resize the scheduler depending on user size screen.

Thanks a lot

The extension from above mentioned post resizes scheduler, to prevent inner scroll ( you can get the latest version of extension from official package, it is part of Scheduler 4.0 ) … esize.html

If you need to fit scheduler to the screen, you can define 100% height and width for the scheduler’s container. But in such case scheduler can have an inner scroll.

There is no built in solution, which will adjust hour scale to fit the scheduler to the screen.


Thanks for your reply.